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Custom Picture Framing

Custom Picture Framing has so many branches, lucky for you, we pretty much cover everything. From Jerseys, Medals Posters and Photos. Right through to physical objects such as Footballs, golf balls and even shovels. Whatever means a lot to you, we can frame it!

At Framed Just For You, we specialize in custom framing that transforms your cherished memories into timeless works of art. Our expert craftsmen meticulously tailor each frame to suit your unique style and preserve the essence of your precious moments.


What we offer is limitless these are a handful of the most common services we provide for our customers. If you have something different, we are still more then capable of making something amazing for it.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple, whether your custom framing project is a valuable artwork by a renowned artist or your grandchild's arts and crafts project it will receive the highest attention to detail while being finished to the finest standards.

Our custom framing service, with over 1000 frames to choose from, caters to every customer's unique preferences and needs. Just like a satisfied customer who values quality and variety, we offer an extensive selection of frames that suits any style or project.
Over 1000 frames to choose from
The difference between clear and ultra vue glass
We offer a comprehensive selection of glass types to compliment your custom frame:
  • Clear Glass
  • UV Clear Glass 97% Non Fading
  • Non Reflective Glass
  • Conservation Non reflective Glass 97% Non Fading
  • Museum Glass
  • Ultra-view
Our mat boards are top quality and acid free. We use Crescent - Neilsen, Bainbridge, Alpha, Peterborough Museum Core, Artique conservation, Archival rag and Museum mats
our massive selection of matboards
more of our huge range of frames
At Framed Just For You we use all quality wood and metal picture frames, no synthetics are used. Frames are sourced from all over the world and we have over 1000 samples to choose from. Our huge selection of custom frames include brands such as Larson-Juhl and Antons Mouldings.


Much much does Custom Framing cost?

There is no special formula that allows us to estimate the cost of custom framing. Custom Framing has a lot of different factors which affects the total in the end.

Can it be expensive?

Custom Framing is your choice, you are not subjected to abc items, you have a-z and more - so it depends on your selection of high quality materials that we stock.

How do I decide what is best considering the options?

With our vast selection of frames, matboard and glass choices it can be tough to come to a decision. But luckily that process is made easy with our staff who have an eye for design and can help you decide.