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At Framed Just For You, you'll find a vast selection of over 1000 picture frames, ensuring you have abundant options to find the ideal frame for your jigsaw puzzle. Our commitment to conservation framing is evident in every aspect of our work, and this dedication extends to our meticulous process for framing jigsaw puzzles.
Giraffe Jigsaw Framed

The Process

The process we take is very smooth and efficient to ensure your jigsaw is not damaged or messed up and make it stand out within your home. Each step of our jigsaw puzzle framing is completed in house using the best materials and equipment, guaranteeing it is finished to the highest standards.

Step 1: Acquire & Solve a Jigsaw

First step is to acquire a jigsaw and completing it. This can be any jigsaw you currently own or from the store for 10 bucks, we can make any jigsaw look like a million dollars!
Step 1: Acquire and solve the jigsaw
Step 2: Choose a frame

Step 2: Choose a frame

Bring the complete jigsaw in, this is where we will help you decide on the right frame that best suits the jigsaw. In this case we have chosen a double frame, with a nice blue colour to accent the ocean waves a thicker frame to match the colour scheme.

Step 3: Our process

The rest is up to us now! We apply our own backing to keep the jigsaw in place, it is adhered to the backboard using a pH neutral dry mount acid free adhesive.

The overlay is important to preserve the jigsaw and allow you to clean it. We apply an artshield uv heatseal overlay which is put in our heat press at 97 degrees. This process also prevents the jigsaw from fading!

Step 4: The final product

The final product

The result of this process helps ensure your framed jigsaw is fade resistant, preserved and easily maintained by simply wiping clean.