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Printing Services

We have a specialised printer in store, where we can print just about anything in the highest quality. As you can see in the image, we have the ability to print very large images and keep the quality of that image in tact. Allowing us to just about do photo on printing paper to go perfectly as a background to your frame.
Our Specialised printer, printing a background for a frame.

Our Approach

Let's say you went on a really nice holiday to Hawaii or to Fraser Island and managed to snap the perfect sunset or the perfect selfie of you and your partner. Well, we can print that for you on a ready to hang canvas, any photo you have on a device we can download that and fit it to the correct size you want with the canvas sizes below.
Prices can/do change so please call us up to double check that we have this information up to date.

These prices are fully printed and framed items

Squares Canvas
Sizes Pricing
12"x12" 30cmx30cm $100
16"x16" 40cmx40cm $140
20"x20" 50cmx50cm $191
24"x24" 60cmx60cm $229
30"x30" 76cmx76cm $304
36"x36" 91cmx91cm $374
40"x40" 102cmx102cm $408
Panoramic Canvas
Sizes Pricing
12"x12" 30cmx30cm $100
12"x12" 30cmx30cm $100
12"x36" 30cmx30cm $100
18"x36" 30cmx30cm $100
20"x40" 30cmx30cm $100
16"x48" 30cmx30cm $100
24"x48" 30cmx30cm $100
Rectangles Canvas
Sizes Pricing
12"x16" 30cmx40cm $100
14"x20" 35cmx50cm $135
16"x20" 40cmx50cm $145
16"x24" 40cmx60cm $168
20"x24" 50cmx60cm $198
20"x30" 50cmx75cm $190
24"x30" 61cmx76cm $270
24"x36" 60cmx91cm $280
28"x40" 70cmx100cm $345
30"x40" 76cmx102cm $355
32"x48" 80cmx120cm $415
36"x48" 91cmx120cm $405

Standard Printing

Prices of just standard printing and no framing.

Sizes Photo Paper Art Paper Canvas
6"x4" 15x10cm $8 $10 $15
5"x7" 12x17cm $12 $15 $20
8"x10" 20x25cm $24 $29 $36
10"x12" 25x30cm $29 $32 $40
12"x12" 30x30cm $32 $34 $42
11"x14" 27x35cm $34 $36 $45
12"x16" 30x40cm $39 $44 $52
16"x16" 40x40cm $50 $58 $70
16"x20" 40x50cm $58 $64 $76
20"x20" 50x50cm $68 $72 $90
20"x30" 50x76cm $88 $99 $110
24"x24" 61x61cm $85 $96 $120
20"x40" 50x101cm $130 $160 $180
24"x36" 61x91cm $130 $160 $180