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Our Other Services

Among everything that we do, there is also other small things you may need. Such as a simple matboard, glass cutout, framing supplies or our ready made frames.

Ready Made Frames

We have multiple hand made, ready made frames ready to hang in your space. We stock the most common sizes and is a great option for your photo/prints without having to go down a possibly more expensive route in custom framing yet still provides a great look or if you are in a rush for a frame.
Graduation frame

Glass & Glass Cutting

Many of us make the mistake of dropping a frame while moving or from our kids playing a bit too rough! Well we have you sorted, bring in your frame and we will fit it with some of our high quality glass options as mentioned above. We can provide a quote over the phone but make sure to visit us to check out the different kinds of glass up close.

Matboard Cutting

Here we are ahead of the game using a computerised matboard cutter. This allows us to cut and make just about any shape, any curve and do it with precision. This is perfect for items requiring multiple cutouts such as a winning a competition with multiple medals or a collection of items, we can map out the layout and achieve an amazing looking piece containing multiple items, or if you have a record then we can perfectly map the correct circular shape to fit the circular shape.
2 Rows of 6 cut outs, side by side
Corner square shapes with a internal mat
3 different sized cutouts holding different items

Framing Materials & Supplies

We offer many framing supplies for you to use in your own projects!
  • Canvas off the role
  • Matboards
  • Glassing
  • Hanging Systems
Explore our comprehensive selection of framing essentials, offering mouldings by the length, matting by the sheet, and a variety of d-rings in different sizes. Additionally, we provide screws and an array of framing hardware, tapes, and backing boards available in both fomecore and MDF. Complete your framing project with our assortment of wire, string, and standbacks.